Words are like Seed

Hello Friends,12401727_1543790329281514_7932084238979226007_o


It’s not quite the beginning of the year but I missed telling you Happy New Year!  And I especially missed telling you how much we appreciate your business.  We have so many old friends and so so many new friends.  Thank you for taking that extra time to drive out to our nursery and spend time with us whether you are buying something or just walking around and taking a breath.  We always welcome you and we thank you.


I have been thinking a lot this month about words – and how important they are.  You know those little things that come out of our mouth, sometimes on purpose and sometimes accidentally.  Yikes!  I am constantly going back over things I have said to people- oops I wish I had said that differently – oops I wish I hadn’t said that at all – and oops I wish I had taken a moment to tell that person how great they are.  What we hear, especially from our own mouth, replays in our hearts and minds all day and for a long time after that.  I want that sound that replays in my mind and heart to be one of kindness and love and not meanness, smallness, and bitterness.  Please God help me with that.



Words are like seeds.  See, I’m getting around to talking about something nursery-like.  I want to always try to plant words of love and hope, friendship and encouragement.  I want my words to be like rays of sunshine – not like thunderclouds.  Please notice that I’m saying that I want to try – because I certainly don’t always do that.


Our words need to connect with our heart.  I know our brain and our heart are in the same body but they don’t always work together.  They don’t always talk to each other.  I think sometimes they don’t trust each other.

And I think peace comes when they are friends – laughing and playing, loving and living together. Words are such a small gift with a huge impact.  Gift them often and generously. We wish you a beautiful year full of love, peace, prosperity, good health, and lots of good words!

Much love,

Carol Maas