Winter Savory

Winter Savory (Satureja Montana) is one of the lesser known herbs we sell. Winter savory is a perennial that grows about a little over a foot tall. It is semi-evergreen with dark green leaves and white flowers. It’s stems become woody and structural with age. This herb is very easy to grow and can be used to border a garden bed just like you would use lavender or rosemary.  Winter Savory is also very pretty in a container alone or in a mixed container planting to give the arrangement  height and form.
Give Winter Savory soil that drains well and about 6 hours of sun. It can be grown in full sun or part shade. Like Rosemary and lavender, Winter Savory does not like wet roots. Water it everyday for the first month or so then cut back. This herb establishes quickly and then is very drought tolerant. In Spring Winter Savory should be cut back to 4 or 5 inches tall. In fall Winter Savory can be divided and replanted for more plants in your garden. Another great thing about Winter Savory is that it has no known pests or diseases making it a wonderfully carefree small shrub.
Besides being an attractive shrub in your garden, Winter Savory has many culinary uses, Mix Winter Savory with other herbs in a marinade for chicken or beef or use it as a topping on fish. Mix it with other herbs to make herbed cheeses. Harvest Winter Savory’s tender leaves at the end of the stems for the best flavor. These leaves can be used fresh, frozen or dried. Whether you use Winter Savory as just a pretty garden perennial or also as a kitchen herb for cooking, you will enjoy Winter Savory in your garden.

Plant Profile:

Perennial semi-evergreen shrub
Zones 5-11
Hardy to 10 degrees F
Full to Part sun
Drought tolerant
Grows 12 to 15 inches
Small white flowers along branches