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While most Calliandra or Powderpuffs are very fast growers and can escape an unwary gardener if not trimmed often, this variety is slower-growing and does not reach such a large maxium size. With periodic trimming, it can be kept smaller, in the ground or a pot, and with time may even be shaped into an outstanding bonsai. It blooms for most of the year, normally from early spring to the first frost, with bright red Mimosa-like powderpuffs that will attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. In winter, it requires less water, but may appreciate some extra during a drought or particularly hot weather. It can withstand a light freeze for a few hours but will do better with some protection.
5 to 6 feet
Full to filtered sun
Average to good drainage in any type of soil


Tibouchina, also known as glory flower or princess flower is an evergreen shrub that produces beautiful purple flowers throughout the growing season.The plant has deep green foliage and a bushy shape. It needs well draining soil and full to partial sun. Its roots are cold hardy after it is established but tibouchina needs protection from a freeze when newly planted. Bees and butterflies love the bright flowers.
10 to 12 feet, can be kept smaller
Full to part sun
Well drained soil
Boston Fern
1, 3, & 5 Gal.
Primrose Jasmine
Agapanthus or Lily of the Nile
No dwarf


Mexican Metal Art 

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So Cute!

Sale does not include Trellis, Arbors, Stands, or Other Metal Art

Sale is limited to stock on hand, no rain checks. 

October sale ends 10/31/2017