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Weed and Feed Fertilizers

Hi Everyone! 
Finally we can see fall on the way. Ok so it does not feel like it yet……
Is it just me or did August seem even hotter than it really was??
Jim Maas
Over the last couple of years we have found ourselves becoming more and more concerned with 
some of the chemicals promoted by our industry.
Last month you may remember my thoughts on systemic insecticides and bees,  Imidacloprid
This month I want to focus on weed and feed fertilizers.
Atrazine as an example is one of the best weed killers for St. Augustine lawns. One or 2 applications and you could have one of the the prettiest lawns on the block, but you had better read the fine print.

 I remember some years ago my dad had a client with a rose garden along their back fence. The leaves on the roses were  all showing damage, of the plants some were dead.

My dad happened to look over the fence and saw one of the most beautiful 
lawns he’d ever seen, no shrubs, no trees, just grass. It turns out that the neighbor was using a weed and feed fertilizer with atrazine 4-5 times a year.
It turns out that the roses had rooted out and were picking up the atrazine from under the fence.
The fine print says not to apply on or under the branches of any tree or shrub, or where it might wash under the branches of any shrub or tree.
I asked Jean to research the health and environmental impact of atrazine (click here). 
The information we are presenting is researched on line, so as always do your own research.
This is enough of a concern to us that we want to share our thoughts with you.
As always you have to decide if having the best lawn on the block is worth the health and environmental risk.
We do not carry any products containing atrazine.
I will not ever use ANY weed and feed in my own yard. 
Some things are more important than perfect lawns……….
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