Voodoo Lily

Maas Nursery


A rare, deciduous variety that produces a large, malodorous flower late spring through summer, becoming dormant in winter. Reaches 4 to 5 feet tall. A very unique plant that is great as a specimen or in a container for less hardy climates. Very unusual stems and leaves.

Hardiness Zone:

USDA Z10 – Cold Hardy to 30 to 40(F)

Sun Exposure:

Shade to Partial Sun

 A stunning flower of considerable size and a very unusual leaf are the features that make  Amorphophallus really unique in your garden. Other Names for this Unique flower are:  Devils  tongue, Snake Palm, Corpse flower.


 Scientific name: 

 amorphophallus paeoniifolius

 Common name: 

 voodoo lily, monarch-of-the-east, red calla


Asia primary evergreen forests, meadows by rivers, secondary thickets and along the sides of paths.

Key Uses: 
Food in Asia
Ornamental plantings