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Vitex, or Texas Lilac, is an extremely tough, easy-to-grow tree. It is native to China and India. When the Texas Highway Department plants them on medians and highways, you know we’re talking extremely tough and low maintenance!

Vitex thrives in full sun, but can also grow in partial shade. Once established, it is drought-tolerant. The spikes of lavender flowers are fragrant and attractive to butterflies. And it blooms constantly in summer and fall. It grows 12-20 feet tall but can we pruned shorter. It can be shaped as a single trunk or a multi-trunked tree.

Flowering trees are great for adding vertical interest in your yard and can be elegant in mixed beds. So give the Vitex a try – it will not disappoint you!


Type: Flowering Tree

Exposure: Full sun to part sun.

Blooms: late spring into the summer blooms

Care: Water daily until established (at least through first summer); once established it is drought-tolerant.



 hummingbird The vitex tree/shrub has been designated as a Texas Superstar by Texas A&M.  This means its tough and easy to grow, and drought tolerant once established.  Usually it is a multi-stemmend shrub, but can also be a standard.  It gets 12-15’tall, likes full sun and is hardy to 20degrees.  But it’s best trait is the spiky lavender blooms that appear late spring through late summer.  The flowers perfectly complement the blue-green deciduous foliage.  Some especially pretty varieties are Shoal Creek and Montrose Purple.  I like it planted near antique roses.  One more great thing is that it is attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.  What more could you ask for?!