Vines of all Kinds

 – by Pat Cordray

One of my favorite parts of the nursery is the vine section.  I love all the different vines so close to each other. Reaching out and wrapping their tendrils around each other, ‘becoming friends’.

These plants get my imagination going on how I could add one more vine to my garden.  Maybe I could add another trellis or an arbor for them to grow on. Or I could let them cover the screen on my screened in porch. The tree trunks are another place that seem bare without a vine growing around them.  The possibilities are endless.

Some of the vines I have tried and enjoyed are:

Brown Bud Allamanda  – This is not one that climbs on its own – it needs to be trained to a trellis.  It has huge bright yellow flowers. This tropical vine has gone through two winters, dying back to the ground but returning with the warmth.  Loves full sun.

Bridal Bouquet (Stephanotis) – This one takes to climbing all on its own. It has covered a trellis and gone on to the brick and was headed to the roof when freezing temperatures knocked it to the ground.  But no worries this tropical vine is emerging from the ground with glossy green leaves.  I can’t wait for the pure white flowers to start blooming with their sweet fragrance.  This vine prefers some shade.

Crimson Passion Vine
Red Passion Vine – This vine needs no help in making its way up anything handy.  I have had this vine for about eight years now.  It has been through Ike, which pushed it off the roof but did little else to hurt it.  The past two winters have caused it to die to the ground, but it has a couple of tendrils that have already made it up the arbor. This vine has wonderful bright red flowers and has thrived in part sun.

Coral Vine – This vine takes to climbing with ease.  I have one that blooms pink, planted in a pot that is at the other side of the arbor from the red passion vine. This spring I also added a white coral vine at the base of an oak tree in the front yard, so far so good.   This vine dies back in winter but comes back strong in the spring. These vines can take the sun.

Rangoon Creeper –  Without some training this vine will go every which way.  It doesn’t naturally cling.  It has clusters of pink/red/white flowers that have a sweet fragrance.  I am still waiting for its return from this past winter’s freeze.  Full sun for this tropical vine.

Akebia – This is a happy climber that is able to get into any space available.  It wasn’t fazed by the past two freezes.  I don’t believe it even dropped any leaves.  I have not seen it bloom in the two years that I have had it. Give this one full sun or part shade and it will stay happy.

Pink Jasmine – This vine is a natural climber.  I have two of these.  One died to the ground from both freezes, the other one was only slightly touched with just a few brown leaves.  Pink Jasmine’s pink buds open to highly fragrant white flowers.  Loves the full sun.

Morning Glory  – This will climb anything and everything in the garden.  It dies back in the winter, thank goodness.  I have a love hate relationship with this vine.  I love it in the ash tree, but I hate it anywhere else.  It has beautiful blue flowers.  Loves full sun, part sun, no sun.
To be continued……