VerbenaThe Verbena (related to Lantana & Duranta) is another very durable plant that is disease-resistant and blooms from spring to frost. They spread profusely and some varieties can act like a low-growing ground cover.

They come in many colors, including pinks, reds, purples, lavenders, blues, whites and many colors in between. They can be used as a low-growing border, however, because they spread about 6-10 inches make sure they have ample space (plant 12-18 inches apart). Their height reaches under 12 inches.

Plant them in full sun with well-drained soil. They need regular watering to get them started, but then less once they are established.


Type: Perennial

Blooming Season: Spring to frost

Color: Pinks, red, purples, blues, and many more, except yellow.Verbena

Garden habitat: In a garden or container — or as a ground cover.

Exposure: Full sun.

Care: Less than average water once established