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Goldenrain tree

Goldenrain Tree

Native to Asia, the new leaves are purplish, maturing to bright blue-green in summer, may turn yellow to gold in fall. They have very showy, 8 to 14″ yellow flower clusters in late summer to early fall, followed by striking coral-colored lantern-like seed pods. The size is 20 to 35 ft. tall and 25 to 40 ft wide. They make good patio, lawn or curb trees and are very adaptable to different types of soil as long as drainage is fairly good. They can take full sun with moderate to regular water, also cold, heat, drought and wind making it well adapted for the Bay Area. May need light pruning to control desired shape, can get gawky without pruning.

This tree is a good choice as a specimen plant for medium-size gardens. It makes a good street or shade tree where space is limited.

Botanical name is Koelreuteria, the Chinese Flame Tree & Elegans are in the same family and very similar in growth and blooms.


Exposure: Full sun.

Blooms: Very showy yellow flowers and coral seed pods.

Growth: 20-35′ tall and 25′-40 ‘wide.

Care: Regular watering, good drainage, light pruning