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Ceratostigma plumbaginoides (Trailing Plumbago/Leadwort)


Life: Perennial


Size: 6-8″
Light: Filtered Sun to Bright Shade
Water: Average to Moist
Soil: Acidic to Neutral, Sandy Loam to Clay Loam


A semi-woody groundcover that is itself covered with gorgeous blue flowers from spring until frost. In the fall, the dark green leaves will turn brilliant red, showing off the intense blue blooms even better. This far south, it likes a bit of shade and fairly regular water in the summer; in cooler climates, it will prefer full sun and be somewhat drought tollerant. It spreads by rhizomes and may be cut back to the ground before new growth appears in spring. In addition to a groundcover for beds, it also makes an excellent filler for the base of colorful containers where it will cascade over the sides. Also, it’s deer resistant!