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This dramatic flower is very striking in spring gardens with fantastic blooms.

By doing just a few things you can enjoy these blooms to the fullest. First, they do best in full sunlight. The size and quality of the bloom will be diminished as you reduce the sunshine.

Second, they really do best with a good feeding. This is easy by throwing an extra shovel of compost around each plant in the spring. Or water monthly with fish emulsion. Overfeeding with nitrogen will shorten the lifespan so don’t overdo it with chemical fertilizer. We like to go with organics as the best solution.

Third, it helps to stake each flower. The stalks are going to be 5-6 ft tall and the support will keep them showing at their best. For a natural look, use old Christmas tree branches stuck at the base with some green gardener’s tape. Due to their height, try not to put them in a windy location.


Type: Annual

Bloom Season: Spring.

Color: Blues, lavenders, whites, purples.

Exposure: Full sun.

Care: Feed with organics, stake each flower, try to avoid windy areas.