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Lobularia maritime (Alyssum ‘Easter Bonnet Violet’)

Life: Perennial



Size: 3″ tall, 10″ wide



Light: Full to Part Sun



Water: Average, Well-Drained



Soil: Acidic to Neutral Sand to Loam


There’s nothing quite like alyssum for making fall through spring plantings “pop” and this richly colored, deep purple variety is a true showstopper. Sweetly scented, with a fragrance reminiscent of honey, it is the perfect border plant or filler for containers in full to part sun. Growing only 3″ tall, it spreads up to 10″ wide. Though it remains completely covered in flowers for months, our extra long growing season will necessitate some light shearing when the plant tries to set seed. Within a week or so, new flowers appear, extending the blooming through May and sometimes into June before it gets too hot.