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Some of these we have all the time. Others we have certain months.


African Jasmine Allamanda Bleeding Heart Bougainvillea
Bower Vine Butterfly pea Cape Honeysuckle Cardinal Vine
Carolina Jasmine Cathedral Bells Clematis Climbing Hydrangea
Coral Vine Crossvine Cup and Saucer Vine Cypress Vine
Dutchman’s Pipe Evergreen Wisteria Fig Ivy Garlic Vine
Gloriosa Lily Glory Lily Gloden Trumpet Vine Grand Duke Jasmine
Honeysuckle Kiwi Lavender Trumpet Love-in-a-puff
Maid Orleans Jasmine Mandevilla Mexican Flame Vine Moonflower
Morning Glory Night Blooming Jasmine Passion Vine Pink Jasmine
Plumbago Potato Vine Purple Hyacinth Bean Scallet Trumpet
Star Jasmine Thunbergia Trumpet Creeper Wisteria

African Jasmine– (Jasminum multipartitum)

2-3′ tall with 10′ long spreading stems / sun/ part / Evergreen / Shrubby habit/ Dark green leaves/ Fragrant white flowers / Pink buds / Drought tolerant when established / Good groundcover /Hardy to 20º

Allamanda (Allamanda cathartica)

Sun / Evergreen / Rapid growth/ Well-drained soil / Large, leathery leaves / Fragrant, tubular, yellow-gold flowers / Provide support / Hardy to 30º.

Bleeding Heart– (Clerodendron Thomsoniae)–Top of page

6′ /Part shade / Evergreen / Well-drained, moist soil / Dark green, shiny leaves / Flower clusters of red & white/ Prune after blooming / Twining havit / Provide support / Hardy to 30º


20- 30′ / Sun/ Prefers hot, dry conditions / Allow soil to dry completely between waterings / Best as a container plant in this area / Must be planted carefully; roots are easily damaged – To plant: Place plant in hole and cut away container sides. Can also be left in container, cutting away just the bottom / Prune back in winter / Many colors available? Considered a tropical / Provide sturdy support / Must be tied / Hardy to 30º.

Bower Vine– (Pandorea jasminoides)–Top of page

15- 25′ / Sun / Part shade / Rapid growth / Bright green leaves / Trumpet shaped flowers in pink or white / Provide support / Hardy to 20º.

Butterfly pea-(Clitoria leguminosae)

20′ / Part shade / Sun / Deciduous / Heart shaped leaves with sawtooth edges / Yellow- green butterfly shaped flowers / Provide support / twining.

Cape Honeysuckle (Tecomaria Capensis)–Top of page

15 – 20′ / Sun/Part / Evergreen / Rapid growth / Light green leaves / Clustered brilliant orange-red trumpet shaped flowers / Provide support / Must be tied / Hardy to 20º.

Cardinal Vine- (Ipomoea quamoclit)
See Cypress Vine.

Carolina Jasmine– (Gelsemium sempervirens)Top of page

20′ / Sun/psrt/ Evergreen / Rapid growth / Glossy, dark green foliage / Fragrant yellow, trumpet shaped flowers; Early spring / twining / Hardy to º.

Cathedral Bells -(Cobaea scandens)–

25-40′ / Sun / Annual – Can over-winter in mild climate/ Moist, well-drained soil / Vigorous / Oval 4″ leaflets / flowers; 2″ bell-shaped, first green turning to a violet purple seated in a green calyx / Seed – Notch to get them started / Tendrils / Hardy to 20º.

Clematis!Top of page

10- 20′ / Plant so roots are in cool shade, while tops are in full sun / Moist, well drained soil / Pruning: Bloom summer only– Cut back in late fall after blooming.Bloom spring & summer– Light pruning in fall or early spring. Prune flowered portions afgter blooming in spring. Bloom spring only – Cut back in spring after bloom / Leathery dark green leaves / Bloom colors: Pink, red, pruple & white/ Provide support /Tendrils / Hardy to 20º.

Climbing Hydrangea- (Hydrangea petiolaris (syn.anomala)

40- 50’/ Part shade / Slow grower until established then rapid / Heart shaped leaves / Large flat, white flower clusters / Deciduous / Clings by aerial rootlets/ Hardy to 20º.

Coral Vine – (Antignon Leptopus)Top of page

30 -40’/ Sun /Deciduous / Rapid growth / Dark green, heart shaped leaves / Trailing sprays of blooms in rose pinks or white; Late summer – fall / Provide support / Tendrils / Hardy to 10º.

Crossvine (Bignonia Capreolata)

70′ / Sun/Part shade / Evergreen / Rapid growth / Moist, well -drained soil / Drought tolerant/ Long narrow leaves / Tubular red and yellow, two-toned blooms / Tendrils / Hummingbirds / Hardy to 20º.

Cup-and-saucer-vine!Top of page
See Cathedral Bells.

Cypress Vine- (Ipomoea quamoclit)

20′ / Sun/Part / Annual / Well-drained soil / Leaves are finely divided thin threads / Scarlet tubular flowers . Reseeds profusely / Provide support / Tendrils/ Hummingbirds.

Dutchman’s Pipe – (Aristolochia Elegens) Top of page

15- 20′ / Sun/Shade / Deciduous / Kidney shaped deep green leaves / Flowers are yellow-green curved tube, flaring into brownish purple lobes – Pipe- like /Cannot stand strong winds/ Provide support / Twining / Hardy to 30º.

Evergreen Wisteria (Millettia reticulata)

20′ / Sun/Part /Evergreen / Leathery bright green leaves/ Fragarant rose-red flowers in late summer / Provide support / Twining / Hardy to 0º.

Fig Ivy (Ficus Pumila) Top of page

40′ / Sun/Part / Evergreen / Tiny, heart shaped leaves when young become large 3″ long in maturity / Must be cut to ground every few year / Roots invasive / Clinging / Can damage masonry or walls / Hardy to 20º.

Garlic Vine (Cydista)

Sun/Part / Lavender trumpet shaped flowers / Leaves and flowers have garlic scent / Provide support / Twining / Hardy to 20º.

Gloriosa Lily (Gloriosa rothschildiana) Top of page

6’/ Sun/Part/ Moist, well-drained soil / Lance shaped leaves / Lily like flowers 4″ across with 6 wavy-edged, curved crimson and yellow / Tuber / Feed with a liquid fertilizer every 3 weeks / Provide support / Tendrils.

Glory Lily (Gloriosa rothschildiana)
see Gloriosa lily

Golden trumpet VineG (Allamanda Cathartica) Top of page
See Allamanda

Grand Duke JasmineG(Jasminum sambac)
See Maid of Orleans

Honeysuckle (lonicera) Top of page

Coral (Lonicera Heckrottii) —-15′ / Sun / Rapid growth/ Blue-green leaves / Flower clusters of coral pink outside, yellow inside / Fragrant / Provide support / Twining / Hardy to 30º

Hall’s (Lonicera halliana)— 15-30′ / Sun/Part / Semi-evergreen / Shrubby / Fragrant white flowers / Roots when it touches soil / Groundcover / Provide support while young / Hardy to 30º

Kiwi (Actinida chinensis) Top of page

30′ / Sun / Foliage dark greentopside; velvety white underside / creamy white 1″ flowers / fruit: Egg-sized, covered with brown fuzz. Edible / Single plant ornamental / Male and female necessary for fruit / Provide support / Twining /There is a species that is both male and female / Hardy to 0º

Lavender Trumpet (Clytostoma callistegioides)

15-20′ / Sun/ Part / Evergreen / Rapid growth / Well-drained soil / Lavender trumpet shaped flowers /? Provide support / Tendrils.

Love-in-a-Puff (Cardiospermum halicacabum) Top of page

25′ / Sun / Annual / Vigorous / 2″ dense leaves / Flowers: Tiny white followed by papery, glove shaped seed pods / Balloon-like pods float from every node / Seed / Each black seed marked with a white heart shape – hence the name.

Maid of Orleans Jasmine (Jasminum sambac)

15′ / Partial Shade / Evergreen / Rapid growth / Well-drained soil / Fragrant / white flowers / Good container plant / Hardy to 20º