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Ocimum sp. (Basil ‘Thai’)

Life: Annual



Size: 1-2′



Light: Full Sun



Water: Average



Soil: Rich


An erect, branched herb bush, the leaves are moderately-sized and green with dark stems and mulberry-purple flowers arranged in a unique pyramidal shape. The leaves have a sweet anise- or licorice-like fragrance often used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. The flowers are also edible and make beautiful arrangements and garnishes. It works well in both containers and beds during the warm months.


Ocimum x citriodorum (Basil ‘Pesto Perpetuo’)


Life: Perennial



Size: 4′



Light: Full Sun



Water: Average



Soil: Rich


A tasty culinary herb and an attractive plant, rolled into one. It has light green leaves with pale cream variegation, grown in a columnar habit, with a fresh basil fragrance. Despite being a Lemon Basil cultivar, it is not lemony and is indeed more like regular basil in flavor. Unlike others, it does not flower, so the flavor does not go off. If kept in a pot in a sunny location, it can be overwintered indoors and you can have fresh and flavorful basil all year round!




Easy, sun to part sun

Dry leaves between paper towels. Used in cooking and teas. Tomato companion plant.


African Blue Basil

Easy, sun, 4’H

Camphor scent used more as an ornamental


Aussie Sweetie


Easy, sun to part sun, 2’H

Camphor scent used for salads, sauces, and fish


Cinnamon Basil

Easy, sun 3’H

Cinnamon scent, great on fresh fruit


Lemon Tabriz Basil

Sun to part sun

Great for cooking fish, salads and pesto. Sweet lemon flavor


Pistou Basil

Easy, part sun, 1’H

Mild flavor for salads, vegetables, and sauce


Purple Ruffles Basil

Part sun, 1.5’H

Bland leaves are used in a herbal vinegar, as a garnish or in arrangements


Siam Queen Basil

Thai Basil



Leaves & flowers used in cooking.


Sweet Basil


Cooking, teas, sauces


Thai Basil

Easy, sun, 2’H

Anise flavor, keep flowers trimmed off to avoid bitterness