December 2015: ABOUT CHRISTMAS

by  Jim Maas
Is it just me or does there seem to be a bit of refocus on what Christmas actually represents.
I’m perhaps more sensitized to the meaning of Christmas this year because of the grand kids.  To most kids Christmas seems to be ALL about the presents. Even those kids from church going homes, it’s about the presents.
To be perfectly honest, for me it is a time for family, kids and grand kids, aunts uncles, friends, family time.
But the thing to remember is that Christmas is Jesus’  birthday.
Where ever you stand on the religious aspect of the holiday, the impact Jesus has had on the world is profound.
Some sects and denominations have distorted the original message.
It is easy to look at imperfect people in the church and think they accurately represent what Jesus was all about.
Jesus is love, anything else is just clutter around the main point.
Jesus is love.
So, going into these holidays I challenge you:
Show love. If you believe Jesus is the risen son of God, show love.
If you believe Jesus is just a wise and compelling historic figure, show love.
Show love to your dad who may not deserve it.
Show love to your mother in law who may not deserve it.
Show love to your most irritating neighbor who surely does’t deserve it.
Show love to your sister who does not show you love.
Show love to the homeless guy who does not deserve it. Don’t just give him a buck, talk to him, treat him as a person.
Show love to the over stressed lady checking you out at the grocery store.

Jesus is love, why aren’t we?

sadie peal maddie
Sadie Pearl and Madeline , cousins.