March 2018: BUSY AND I LIKE IT

March, still my favorite month…….

Everything is coming back to life.  New leaves, new flowers, great weather.

This is the month when we are the busiest. We spend hours a day ordering plants, and of course, more hours selling them.

My guess is that again this year there may be some varieties of plants in short supply because of the cold winter.  So, to be sure we do not run out of plants we are buying more than we often do, and buying early.

We are buying 100’s and 100’s of hanging baskets, all kinds.

Trucks and trucks of plants., cactus from California, tropicals from Florida, lots of shrubs and trees from around Texas.

Some days 10-15 deliveries come in.

By 4:00 or so we all flinch when a school bus drives by, it sounds like another truckload of plants.

Actually, everyone is excited when the trucks come. We get new stuff to sell and play with. And the hard work is fun when shared with our co-workers (friends).

This year we will be able to have some cool new displays in e remodeled greenhouse.

This is always the month of 12 and 14 hour days. Good thing we love it.

What is not to love? We get to play with plants all day, spend time with other people who love plants. I get to meet new people every day. I get to practice my art by drawing landscape designs that make homes prettier.

Life is good.

See you in the garden.