Thoughts from the Garden January 2017

Each morning since early summer there is a lone bird, a cardinal, who when he sees

his reflection in my bedroom window sees his nemesis. He sees the bright red bird from yesterday,

the bird that he was unable to defeat even after hours of trying. Hour after hour he crashes into the

glass trying to defeat an enemy who is but a reflection of himself, not real, but real to him. He has

been fighting this enemy since he was a young cardinal, not yet red.

I guess he will keep showing up each morning hoping the other bird has given up. But he never

does. The nemesis is always there waiting, taunting, unbeatable. Some days the cardinal is tired,

 sore from yesterday’s fight. Luckily the enemy is always tired and sore on those same days, such

good luck.

How ironic, how tragic that the beautiful red cardinal spends 6 to 8 hours a day

fighting against an illusion. Wasted hours, wasted days, wasted life.

He should be out singing, flying, flirting with girl birds, doing happy bird things,

but it is not to be.

He is instead caught in a cycle of trying to accomplish something he thinks

important. Something that only leaves him tired and sore, missing a few feathers.

  See you in the garden.