November again already, cool weather, turkey dinner, family.

Wow, the Astros sure were able to bring the excitement to the

World Series! I remember some baseball games I’ve been to in

the past that are like watching ice melt.

This year was more fun to watch.

Next season will be interesting too.
Because of the games, there were several interesting things that I happened to notice about the people who were watching and going to the games.                Everyone seemed to follow their views of how they see themselves.I have 2 friends who see value in being frugal.                                                                                                               That is part of how they define themselves. They went to the park without tickets hoping for a last minute deal, willing to miss the game in search of a bargain. They did surprise me by finding $125 tickets. The important thing was getting a good deal.

Another friend bought the tickets online, stretched his budget, bought early, not willing to miss the game. No matter what, he was going. $800 tickets IN THE TOP ROW. The important thing was going to the game.

(Me?  I bought season tickets, sold the world series tickets for enough to pay for the season tickets.  We went to 10 games, sold  30 and gave away 40, ending up with free tickets and a several thousand dollar profit.)

We each behaved predictably based on who we are.
It is always fun observing people, learning about what drives their actions,
what motivates them, and how those driving character traits tie into the
decisions and emotions of what, after all, is just a game.
Not to go all Malcolm Gladwell on you but yes it is just a game.
A game that I like, but seem to be less drawn into than some of my friends.
Sometimes I envy the passion that some people get to bathe in on game days.
My son, one of my daughters and my wife jump up and scream on the good

plays. Interestingly to me, they do this even watching a recorded game.

They get so caught up.

Alex texted that he had to turn the world series game 5 off because it was
too tense. He did quickly turn it back on.
Cristina went to bed when the  Astros were down by 4 runs, got up when the
game was 7 to 7, went back to bed whey were down 7 to 11, found out the
score was tied again and was not able to finish watching the game, way too tense.
Carol left the room and missed 4 innings I guess because she could not
stand the thought that the Astros might blow it.
They were all three emotionally connected to the outcome of the game.
They had no financial interest in the outcome, nor had they ever met anyone
playing the game that night. They didn’t know the owner or any of the Family members of the players or the owners.
The playoff games I went to were loud, friendly and relational.

If you were wearing an Astros shirt you were part of the tribe, a member of the group, accepted, you were in.

Even the next day total strangers were striking up conversations.
They were not strangers, they were after all part of the same tribe,
We all want that.  And there perhaps is my explanation, We want to belong.
For a few hours we did and were content.
See you in the garden.