The Pesky Fun Killer: The Mosquito

Mosquito’s lay up to 250 eggs at a time and they can hatch in 12- 16 days. The thought of this makes me immediately start itching.. How many times have you decided you were going to have a picnic or a party and everything seems to be going just fine and BAM a bite!! Before you know it you are surrounded.  All the fun ruined by the Pesky Fun Killer. You can do all the suggestions that you read about: like making sure to get rid of all water in empty plastic bins or empty water that is collected in your kids toys that are left outside. Keep the lids on your garbage cans and even purchase toads if you have water features in your landscape. The list goes on and on. However sometimes that is just not enough. Maas Nursery carries all organic products for Insects such as these.  We also Carry many Mosquito repellent plants.  Here is a list of  Some of the Plants that Maas Nursery carries and a bit of information on the plant.  I hope this is some useful information because with all this Rain we are sure going to need all the help we can get..

CatMintNepeta faassenii – is very effective at keeping mosquitoes away. It is even better than commercial bug sprays at keeping the pests away. Simply, cut off the flowers and boil them to make a spray. 

Cadaga TreeEucalyptus torelliana – can repel mosquitoes simply by being planted in an area where mosquitoes are not wanted. The scent from the tree acts as a barrier to repel mosquitoes.

Citronella – Cymbopogon nardus – is a plant which, when crushed, releases an oil. This oil can be placed directly on the skin to act as a mosquito repellent, or mixed with other oils and liquids to make repellents.

LavenderLavandula angustifolia – Even though lavender is a smell often enjoyed by humans, lavender repels mosquitoes because mosquitoes dislike the scent lavender gives off. It can be planted in gardens or made into oil and applied to the skin or mixed with other oils to keep mosquitoes away.

Lemon BalmMelissa officinalis – Lemon balm is a herb in the mint family that has a variety of uses like in flavoring in herbal teas. Make a quick mosquito repellent, by crushing a handful of leaves and rubbing on your exposed skin. 

Eucalyptus – Natural oil from the eucalyptus tree repels insects such as mosquitoes, sandflies, ticks, midges, stable flies and more. Formulas are made to be gentle to the skin.

MintMentha –  mint  repels mosquitoes and you can make your own repellent with mint! All species of mint, both wild and cultivated, contain aromatic properties repulsive to insects.

RosemaryRosmarinus officinalis – can be planted in your garden in order to control mosquito infestation. It can also be mixed into various formulas and lotions to act as a mosquito repellent for the body.


These are a few of our products we carry:

Skeeter Screen

Mosquito Bits