I literally talk to flowers..

Photo by Jayla Fawcett

By: Gloria Cadena


Most days I can’t believe I work for this place. I walk up and down and all around this Nursery. I literally talk to the flowers. I tell them to stand up straight, be your absolute best because I am about to make you Famous!


This job is like nothing I thought I would ever do. I never looked for it. It found me!  It has opened so many doors and I have met so many people. I am constantly learning about natural pesticides, all things organic, and why flowers get the name they have. Like Pansy did you know the name pansy is from the French word pensie, meaning thought or remembrance. The pansy is a delicate looking flower often with a “face”. They are one of my favorite. I love flowers that resemble a face. Makes me feel less weird when I communicate with them. : ) 

Photo By Jayla Fawcett

I never thought in a million years that I would get to take pictures of so many beautiful plants and learn all about them. And turn around and share posts daily of all the plants and what I have learned with all of you.  And to see everyone’s positive feedback gives me a joy that I could never truly explain in words.

I have been working for the nursery for one year and every month that passes I stay amazed with this place, with how much I continue to LOVE this job. I think it is because it doesn’t feel like a job. I remember when Jim Maas asked me to come visit him at the nursery about a year ago. It was a hot day and I was about to take my kids to the beach so I stopped by looking like a gypsy in a long skirt and a swimsuit not realizing I was about to enter into a job interview. I love Jim and Carol so anything that they ask me to do, I do!  I honestly thought Jim was desperate to hire anyone because WHY ME? But I should have asked myself,  WHY NOT ME!!! Sure, I didn’t know a thing about anything related to the Nursery. But I am a quick study, I love to research and I would love to hang out with Jim and Carol as much as possible. So here I am a year later and loving every moment of this Job that allows me to be creative. 

Photo By Jayla Fawcett

Maas Nursery is also where I sing every first Saturday of the month at Prayer in the Garden. I sing at 7:45 am which can be a bit difficult because of how early it is. But when people start showing up that early, it makes it less difficult and some how God gets my voice working and I sing and I sing and I sing. One of my favorite moments at Prayer in the Garden, is when a Hummingbird’s curiosity took interest of my music and decided to flutter all around me while I was singing in the garden. It truly is a great thing my boss Jim Maas does at his Nursery.

This place has really become like a second home. I treat it and love it like it is my home. My boss Carol Maas is a dear friend and from time to time calls me Glorious. Me, just Gloria she call “Glorious”. How could I not love working for the Maas Family.  I look forward to so many more seasons and to all the learning that has yet be learned.