Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are a true heirloom cottage flower. They have been cultivated for their beauty and fragrance for over 300 years. Native to Sicily, sweet peas smell wonderful and come in an endless combination of colors. Here at Maas we have both sweet pea seeds and plants. Sweet peas make great cut flowers. Cut them in the morning, put them in a vase and add instant cheer to any room.

In our area you can plant sweet peas from seed in October through November or mid January through February. Sweet peas take some time to germinate so be patient. Soaking them in water overnight and scarring them slightly with sandpaper can speed up germination. Sweet peas like to grow in the sun but prefer their roots to be cool. Plant annuals around your sweet peas to shade their roots and give a pretty bouquet look to your garden. Sweet peas are great cottage garden plants so pansies, violas, larkspur and poppies make excellent companions. Sweet pea plants and seeds prefer slightly alkaline soil which is good for our area. Keep plants moist but not overwatered. Our winters are usually wet so watering is not a problem.
Now that you have your sweet peas ready to go, give them something to climb on. Most sweet peas are vines reaching 6 to 8 feet. These flowers climb using tendrils so they will climb on almost anything. There are sweet pea varieties for containers and knee high varieties that don’t need staking. Pests are usually rare on these flowers. Keep the slugs and snail off of your small plants with a snail bait. Watch for powdery mildew on your plants. Too much water will make mildew problems worse. Try Actinovate or an organic fungicide to prevent mildew. Also good air circulation around your plants help prevent fungus.
Pick a bouquet of Sweet peas often to keep your flowers coming and your home full of flowers. The more you pick the more flowers you will have. Sweet peas will give you wonderful fragrance and bright cheery blossoms all spring to early summer.
Plant Facts:
Spring Flowering Annual Vine
Prefers alkaline, loamy soil
Spring bloom of pink, purple, white, yellow, blue red, and every color in between.
Full sun and cool roots