Spider Lily

Spider Lily, Hymenocallis liriosme

By Deb Pavlosky

 spider lily

Do you have a water garden, pond, bog or a low spot in your yard?  Well, I have the perfect plant for you – spider lily.  Not actually a part of the lily family, the Texas spider lily is more closely related to amaryllis.  This Texas native is a perennial that will bloom large (4” to 7”), white, fragrant flowers intermittently from late spring to July.  Best planted in full sun to dappled shade, this aromatic gem would be a great addition around a home wetland garden.  Plant these bulbs 1’ to 2’ apart sometime between spring and fall with the neck of the bulb just above the soil line.   It won’t be long before you have plants that will grow to be 18” to 30” high.  These lilies are resistant to most wildlife and bloom reliably as long as they are not allowed to dry out.  They are best planted near water, but not in water.  Along the sides of a ravine, ditch, etc. is where they can be found in nature.  Plant them with “wet feet and dry ankles.”