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The Soil Makes all the Difference

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If you are starting a vegetable garden, or even if you have an established vegetable garden, you may wonder what is the best soil for growing vegetables. Things like the right amendments and the right soil ph for vegetables can help your vegetable garden grow better. 

Most soil requirements for vegetable plants are the same, while others tend to differ depending on the type of vegetable. 

In general, vegetable garden soil should be well draining and loose. It should not be too heavy. (clay soil) or too sandy.

What does soil do for plants?

Soil supports plant growth by providing:

  1. Anchorage: root systems extend outward and/or downward through soil, thereby stabilizing plants.
  2. Oxygen: the spaces among soil particles contain air that provides oxygen, which living cells (including root cells) use to break down sugars and release the energy needed to live and grow.
  3. Water: the spaces among soil particles also contain water, which moves upward through plants. This water cools plants as it evaporates off the leaves and other tissues; carries essential nutrients into plants; helps maintain cell size so that plants don’t wilt; and serves as a raw material in the process of photosynthesis, the process by which plants capture light energy and store it in sugars for later use.
  4. Temperature modification: soil insulates roots from drastic fluctuations in temperature. This is especially important during excessively hot or cold times of year.
  5. Nutrients: soil supplies nutrients, and also holds the nutrients that we add in the form of fertilizer.


These are the different soils you can find at Maas Nursery. 

1 Maas Special Organic Mix – Composted Top soil, composted mulch, leaf mold compost, washed sand, green sand and microlife

2.Baccto Soil- A blend of sphagnum peat and other materials, including starter and slow release fertilizer to help plant thrive

2. Original Landscape soil Mix-

3. Natures Way  Blueberry soil- This is a special mix created for acid loving plants. It contains compost, composted mulch, topsoil washed sand, MicrolifeTM organic fertilizer, Green sand for Iron and other minerals, and sulfur for the acidity required. Everything is included for the first year of growth and gets your plants off to a good start. 

4. Natures Way Rose Soil- This is a mixture of true composted and screened topsoil, washed and sand, and our famous leaf mold compost. For extra fertility we add a high quality organic fertilizer (MicroLifeTM) and an excellent para-magnetic trace mineral package. We than add granite sand Texas green sand  enriching the soil even further thus increasing pore size and aeration for easy root growth. Recommended and Formulated by The Houston Rose Society.

5. Natures Way  Citrus Soil-This mix was formulated to solve the root rot problems for citrus grown in containers. It contains a mix of composted mulches, composted, topsoil, expanded shale for extra aeration, greensand to meet the higher fertility needs of citrus, granite sand, coarse torpedo sand, MicrolifeTM organic fertilizer, and Ag-Lime for the extra calcium that citrus need.

6. Lady Bug Vortex Soil- Our potting soil is a blend of compost, super natural expanded shale and prelite. Use our potting soil for all of your container gardening needs. Simply open a bag, pour it in the container, blend in your favorite fertilizer and you will be ready to plant. Ingredients: A blend of five superior compost, Super Natural Expanded Shale, Biozome

7. TGU Top Soil- http://thegroundup.com/soil-compost/enriched-topsoil 

8. Lady Bug Raised Top Soil-This soil is a blend of several compost, peat moss, coir fiber and vermiculite. This blend is compost based and light weight. You may use our Raised Bed Blend in containers, hanging baskets, and hayracks. Then blend in your favorite organic or natural fertilizer. Plant your vegetables, herbs, annuals and perennials in this blend.