annual annual

Snapdragons or Antirrhinum majus, are a beautiful way to add instant color to your flower beds. Snapdragons will give you months of color. If planted in early fall they should last until the weather gets hot. Snapdragons come in many sizes, colors, and shapes. They love full sun and regular watering.

Here are some varieties we carry:

  • Rocket – gets 3 feet tall, you might want to stake it, it comes in lots of color.
  • Solstice – gets 18″ tall with a dwarf bloom; this snapdragon comes in tons of colors.
  • Sonnet – gets 24″ tall with a large bloom, with lots of color choices
  • Montego – gets 12″ tall and is a multi bloomer, this is offered in solid colors and also bicolor.

Type: Annual

Season: Prefer cooler weather (our fall to spring).

Color: Many colors.

Garden habitat: Garden, container, hanging baskets.

Exposure: Full Sun.