sassafrasSassafras albidium or Sassafras Tree is a native tree of Texas in the Laurel family. It is a deciduous tree that grows to 35 to 50 feet tall. It has horizontal branching and deeply ridged brown bark. The Sassafras tree has beautiful bright green oval or three lobed leaves that turn bright red in Fall. These trees have yellow green flower balls and dark blue fruit on red stalks in late summer. Birds love the blue fruit making sassafras a great habitat tree. Sassafras tree is also a host plant for Spicebush Butterfly and many Swallowtails and its flowers are a food source for many different butterflies. Sassafras oil comes from the root and root bark of this tree. The oil is used in perfumes, teas and to flavor root beer. The native habitat of this tree is open woodlands or cleared areas. Sassafras is very drought tolerant after it is established.
 Habit – Perennial Tree
Leaves -Green lobed leaves turning red in Fall, Deciduous
Flower – yellow 2″ clusters March-May
Fruit- Blue-black clusters in late Summer
Size – 12 to 36 Feet
Light – Sun, part shade to shade