Roses – by Suzy Crabtree

Roses are the most widely planted shrub in the South and all other temperate parts of the world. There are several types of roses:
Rose Firefighter

Hybrid Teas: blooms are large and shapely, generally producing one to a stem on plants that range from 2 ft. to 6 ft or more.
Grandifloras: can range from 8 ft. to 10 ft. in height and produce flowers in long stemmed clusters.
Floribundas: produce quantities of flowers in clusters on vigorous, bushy plants varying in heights.
Antique Roses: also known as “old roses” are varieties introduced prior to 1867. Others consider any variety that has been in cultivation for 75 or more years, or  varieties having old rose characteristics of flower form, color, and fragrance to be antique roses. Rose Dream Come True
Knockout Roses: are the easiest of all roses to grow and the most disease resistant and heat tolerant on the market. If unpruned they can easily grow to 3-4ft. wide and tall.


Principal rose pests are aphids, spider mites and thrips. Black spot and powdery mildew are the most common foliage diseases. Proper planting, clean beds, watering habits and lady bugs are helpful in preventing these problems. Also there is a rose food available with a systemic insecticide as one of the ingredients.


All roses need full sun in an open area with good air circulation

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and an area where roots won’t  have to compete with other shrubs or tree roots for space. Regular watering is essential for good growth and blooms, and well drainage is a must. Fertilize established plants beginning in February; repeat bloomers do best with several feedings throughout the blooming season; one-time bloomers should be fertilized a second time after blooming stops. A 2-3 inch layer of mulch conserves moisture, deters weeds and contributes to healthy soil structure. All will be more productive with some pruning. Removing dead, weak, old growth and reducing plant size will produce healthier plants with more blooms on stronger stems.

Roses are available in so many sizes, shapes and colors that now there is at least one that will fit into any garden. Our first shipment of roses will arrive here at Maas Nursery on Feb. 25th. This shipment will include all the favorites such as Mr. Lincoln, George Burns, Belinda’s Dream and several new ones. Our second delivery is in March. Give us a call to check availability and delivery dates of any particular rose you’re looking for.