Red Oak

Red Oak is definitely on our list for a great fast-growing shade tree for our area. It is native to Texas and does very well here. The most common red oak for us is the Shumard Red Oak. It is a beautiful large tree with a wide spreading canopy reaching about 60 ft. tall and 40 ft. wide. Fast-growing for us usually means 2 – 3 ft. of growth per year with proper watering and fertilizing. The Shumard Oak has glossy dark green leaves that turn a reddish orange in January before they fall. So, even though this tree is deciduous, it loses its leaves later in the winter and starts leafing out again in March – just a short period of time that it’s not giving much needed shade for our area.

The Nuttall Oak looks like and grows very much like the Shumard Oak. The Nuttall Oak is a little more tolerant of wet soil if that is a problem for you. It is also fast-growing and makes a great large spreading canopy.

We always have a good supply of red oaks in many sizes but remember if we don’t have what you want we can usually get it for you quickly.

WINTER is a great time for planting trees!