Pyracantha photo by Jim Maas

Pyracantha is an evergreen thorny shrub whose layman name is firethorn. This hardy shrub is native to China and produces dainty white flowers in the late spring and early summer to be followed by clusters of berries. The berries mature during the fall and winter months and can be colors of orange, red or yellow. Jelly can be made of the fruit and it is said to taste of apples. See a great recipe here:

Pyracantha is a wonderful shrub for barriers, fence lines and anywhere that a dense and thorny bush is needed in a landscape. The flowers attract bees and other nectar feeders in droves. It can grow up to 10′ -12′ tall and wide. It’s a hardy shrub able to handle dry and clay heavy soils so long as it does not water log. It can grow in full sun to partial shade and has very few illnesses. The two most common being fire blight and pyrantha scab. Both of which are easily treated should they occur. The lovely masses of leaves, white flowers and Christmas berries make Pyracantha an all around stunning addition to any landscape.