Preparing Your Lawn with Pre-emergent

January and February are a good time to apply a pre-emergent. Pre-emergents prevent the weed seeds in your lawn from germinating. Our harsh weather conditions over the last two years have stressed the grass which encourages weed growth. You may apply a fertilizer which contains a pre-emergent or you may apply them separately. Both are really necessary now.Grass

 A good lawn maintenance program will reward you with a lush green lawn. For organic gardeners, we like Microlife 6-2-4 to fertilize the lawn and Corn Gluten as your pre-emergent. Once you have a well-established organic lawn, you will have less weeds and you will not need to water as often. The beneficial microbes in organic soil will break down the clay and improve moisture retention.

So do your lawn a favor and use a pre-emergent!!