Plumeria are tropical trees that thrive in our Gulf Coast heat and humidity. Common names include Frangipani, Lei Flower and Flor de Mayo. The flowers are known for their fragrance and beautiful colors.  Bloom time lasts from early spring through fall.  In Hawaii, the flowers are used to make leis. Plumeria prefer well drained soil.  Let them dry out between waterings. To promote blooms, Plumeria require full sun and regular fertilizing.  Plumeria food such as Nutri Star granular or Medina Hasta Gro liquid are good choices. During the years that our winters have hard freezes, Plumeria need protection. Since they are dormant during winter months, they are easy to bring inside a garage or laundry room and require no water or sunlight until springtime. If your Plumeria has grown too large to move,  take a large cutting and bring that inside for the winter and plant it in the spring.    In many cultures, Plumeria are considered sacred and can be found planted near temples and cemeteries. The cycle of dormancy and rejuvinating with beautiful blooms represents life after death.  In tropical climates, the trees can grow 20 to 30 feet tall.