Planting Hanging Baskets

Why Plant Hanging Baskets?

hanging basket

Hanging baskets add architectural texture to your garden

Small spaces need plants too

Plants may need to be controlled

(Mint, wedelia, Australian violet)

Water may be an issue for certain plants

(Mint likes water, lavender doesn’t)

Protection from the weather

(Sun, rain, cold)

Hanging baskets will do all of the above with ease. The best way to garden without getting dirty, having to dig big holes, and no mosquito dancing required.


Before You Plant


Where will you place your completed hanging basket?  How will the basket be viewed in this location?  Will this basket be viewed from the front or from all sides?  Will it be hung high or low?


Does this area get sun, morning sun, afternoon sun, bright light, or shade?

The answer to this question will allow you to pick plants that will thrive.


Now pick your container, remember that once it is filled with soil and plants it will be heavy. Pick one that will be easy to hang in your chosen location.  Make sure the container has good drainage.

What Soil to Use?

We like to use Baccto.  This soil is light weight and drains well.

Plant Selection

Choose an assortment of plants:

Spiller – Plant that will trail over the edges of the basket

Or you could use just spillers

Filler – Plant that will add texture and color to the basket

Or you could use just fillers

Thriller – the plant that is the focal point of the basket

Again you could use just thrillers

Pick plants that will complement each other and the area of your garden or patio that you have chosen to place the hanging basket.

Pick plants that will thrive in the amount of sun or shade the basket will get.

Pick plants that have similar water needs

Pick a variety of plants that have different leaf textures and growing habits to add depth to the basket.

Plant Arrangement

Before you plant, place plants in the basket and move them around until you like the look.  Keep in mind how the basket will be viewed when arranging your plants.

Are ready to plant?

Add soil in your basket.  Fill the basket up to 1or 2” from the top rim of basket

Arrange your plants

When removing plants from the original containers be gentle supporting the stems and roots as you remove the plant

Plant these plants at the same level they were in the original container

Make sure that you get soil in all the spaces between the plants and the edges of the basket.  More soil may be needed after the first water.

Leave an inch or two at the top of your basket


Water your hanging basket as needed.  In the summer that could be once or twice a day.  In the winter you may need to water just once or twice a week.  Watering depends on how much sun, wind, or rain the hanging basket receives and which plants you picked. This best way to test the soil is with

your finger.

Fertilize your hanging basket more often than plants in the ground.  How often?  That depends on the fertilizer you use.  A foliar fertilizer needs to be applied every 2 weeks. Granular fertilizer usually needs to be applied every 4 to 6 weeks.  We recommend Microlife fertilizers for all your plants.