The Vinca plant or flower originated on the tropical Island of Madagascar. It is sometimes referred to as a Madagascar Periwinkle. It’s blooms come in numerous colors purple, red, pink, white and orange. The Vinca has a glossy green foliage and the blooms will have a central eye of white. Commonly known Vincas such as the Cora and Nirvana are known to be resistant to fungus. Most Vincas are heat and humidity tolerant with water and fertilization at moderate levels. Pests such as rabbit and deer will avoid eating Vinca. With little to no attention the Vinca can thrive to make your garden colorful and beautiful. Vinca are also great in hanging baskets and window containers.

Plant Profile:

Type: Annual

Planting time: Spring to Summer.

Color: White, pink, red, dark pink.

Height: 14″-18″.

Exposure: Full Sun to Part Sun.



Also known as Periwinkle, the Vinca Cora provides excellent summer color. The Vinca Cora is variety that is more resistant to soil-born fungus that typically kill periwinkles.

Crop: Vinca

Botanical Name: Catharanthus roseus

Type: Annual

Season: late spring to frost

Color: Various colors including apricot, burgundy, magenta, cherry, lilac, peach blush, polka dot, deep lavender, lavender, pink, punch, violet, white.

Garden habitat: Garden, container, container spiller.

Exposure: Full Sun