Peppers are a fun and an amazing group of plants because they are easy to grow and there are so many varieties from which to chose. Certainly everyone knows about the edible peppers, from sweet to hot. They have beautiful shapes  and colors. There are some ornamental varieties that provide great color too.

They are a tropical kind of plant — they grow and  bloom in the warm months and die in  cold  winters. In mild winters, cut them back, and they will come back. They need at least  a half a  day’s sun but also do well in full sun. They need average water. And they don’t  usually get  bugs like some other vegetables, making them pretty carefree. You can plant  them in a garden, but they also do well in containers.

 We get 20-30 varieties of peppers here throughout the year. Everyone has their favorite  depending on the flavor.

Type: Vegetable

Garden habitat: Container or garden.

Exposure: Partial to Full sun; average watering; use good organic fertilizer.