Parsley Hawthorn

Parsley Hawthorn or Crataegus marshallii, is a native Texas perennial tree or shrub.These trees grow to 25′ high and wide. In Spring the Hawthorns are covered with petite white flowers with red stamens. The flowers are followed by bright green leaves and red fruit. The leaves of the Parsley Hawthorn are deeply lobed and lacy resembling flat leaf parsley.  The colorful leaves in Fall add seasonal interest to your garden. Both butterflies and birds are attracted to the Hawthorn making it a good plant for wildlife. Once established this tree is drought tolerant. Hawthorns prefer well drained slightly acidic soil. This is a wonderful tree for a small space. It gives your garden year round interest and the toughness of a native plant.



Habit – Small Deciduous Tree 

Sun – Sun / part sun
Bloom Time – Spring
Flower Color – White, Red fruit
Water – medium
Size – 25′ tall and wide