Ornamental Kale

Kale is a great plant for your fall vegetable garden. It prefers cool weather and can even tolerate a light frost. Get your plants in early. You’ll even have time for several plantings. Remember to stagger your planting times so you’ll have time for an extended harvest. Kale likes well-drained soil, full to part sun.

The biggest worry for cabbage are worms. If you do get worms, inspect the plant and pull off the worm(s). Organic solutions include Thuricide, which also works as a preventative. You can harvest kale whenever they are the size you want them, from fall to spring. Some have leaves and others have heads. When they form flowers (bolting) you know the plant is at the end of its cycle. All of our kale are locally grown.  A lot of us plant kale because it makes for a beautiful annual flower as they are so pretty. However, don’t forget it can be eaten too.



Type: Vegetable

Garden habitat: Container or garden.

Exposure: Partial to Full sun.

Care: Fertilize (organic is best).