Orchid Tree (Bauhinia)

Orchid Trees

Orchid Tree
Photo by Jim Maas

Orchid trees? I didn’t know orchids grow on trees! Well they don’t actually, but the flowers on orchid trees are just as beautiful and the trees love our warm weather. They will take full sun to part sun, like good drainage, and most have a long bloom time.

There are 4 varieties that we usually have at the nursery.

The Mexican Orchid Tree has white flowers and usually blooms for a couple of months in the spring. It attracts swallowtails and hummingbirds. This orchid tree usually grows 8 to 10 feet tall and almost that wide, very shrub-like.

The Purple Orchid Trees bloom for about a month in late winter or early spring, usually late February or early March. The flowers are lavender or light purple. After they are through blooming they begin to put on their new spring foliage.

The African Orchid Tree has orange/red flowers and can bloom almost all summer long. It grows to about 8 feet tall and 4 – 5 feet wide.

The Hong Kong Orchid Tree has a beautiful dark pinkish purple flower. It is the showiest with blooms shaped like some orchids. Colors range from maroon to orchid pink, often in the same blossom. This one is the least cold hardy but can be successfully grown here, blooming late fall to spring. This tree can reach 25 to 30 ft tall.

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