What is an orange tree? You might think that is easy to answer but, of course, it’s really not. An orange, citrus sinensis, is an orange, but Mandarin (Citrus reticulata) is an orange, Satsuma (Citrus unshiu) is an orange and a tangerine (Citrus tangerina) is an orange and…….

For delicious fruit and an easy care fruit tree you might consider planting an orange tree. Orange trees are evergreen with fragrant blossoms in the spring and fruit that is mostly ready to eat in the fall and winter. Sweet orange trees can grow to 25’tall and sometimes up to 49’tall. An orange tree full of fruit is a beautiful sight in any landscape.

Orange trees are very easy to grow with no major pruning needed. Prune this fruit tree if it has dead limbs or limbs that are in the way of a path. The only ‘have to’ prune is any growth that appears below the graft line.

When planting your orange tree, we recommend that you plant your tree in a raised bed and water, keeping the root ball evenly moist. Fertilize with organics, remember you will be eating the fruit, we like Microlife for fruit trees.


Orange, Moro Blood

Vigorous tree, almost blood-colored crimson flesh.  The Moro Blood orange has very bright orange skin.  Not cold hardy, so it’s best to keep planted in a large container or as a patio tree.


Orange, Navel


The Navel orange tree is a medium to large tree.  Fruit has thick orange rind.  The Navel orange is juicy and seedless with a rich flavor.


Orange, Pineapple


The Pineapple orange tree is a highly productive tree.  Fruit is medium to large, flattened on both ends.  The Pineapple orange is seedless with very flavorful juice.


Orange, Republic of Texas


This variety of tree dates back to the 1800’s.  Thorny and mean, but it sure is a hardy tree.  Fruit is very juicy and flavorful.


Orange, Valencia


The Valencia orange is a great orange for juicing.  Harvest between March and June.  The Valencia orange is the only variety of orange in season during the summer.


Mandarin, Kishu (Seedless)


The Kishu Mandarin tree is a medium size tree, small fruit, thin bright orange skin, easy to peel, very few seeds if any.


Mandarin, Pong Koa


Medium, upright growing tree.  Fruit is sweet and easy to peel.  Ripens in November.


Mandarin, Ponkan


The Ponkan Mandarin is a medium size tree.  Grows upright.  Fruit is large and sweet.  Ripens in December.


Satsuma, Brown Select


Medium size tree, slightly more cold hardy and ripens 1-2 weeks before Owari.  The fruit is very sweet and seedless.


Satsuma, Little Sweetie


The Little Sweetie Satsuma is a naturally small tree with small, easy to peel fruit.


Satsuma, Miho


The Miho Satsuma is extremely cold hardy.  Fruit is sweet and seedless.  Ripens late September or early October.


Satsuma, Owari


The Owari Satsuma is a very cold hardy tree. Medium sized fruit.  Seedless, ripens early October.


Satsuma, Seto


The Seto Satsuma is a medium size tree that is extremely cold hardy.  The fruit is medium size with a smooth thin rind and extremely sweet and seedless.  Very easy to peel and segments break easily.  Ripens late September to Early October.  Fruit is often ready to eat when rind is still green.  The fruit holds well on the tree until late December.


Tangerine, Algerian (Clementine)


Clementine has early ripening, small, reddish orange fruit.  This juicy sweet fruit is easy to peel and almost always seedless.


Tangerine, Dancy


The Dancy tangerine is one of the oldest varieties of tangerines.  Rind is deep reddish color when ripe and easy to peel with very few seeds.


Tangerine, Sunburst


The sunburst tangerine is a cross between two citrus hybrids; Robinson and Osceola.  Fruit is dark, orange and delicious.