Office with a View


By: Kim Messer

There are so many lovely things to see here.  My office is on the top floor of the Nursery.  The windows have views of trees and the main aisle.  One window has majestic Oaks, Pine Trees and Palm Trees.   They all have a rotating population of birds and squirrels.  The main aisle Is filled with colorful bedding plants and hanging baskets. I am fortunate to have such a wonderful view from my office.  Once I am down the stairs and out of the Garden Center, the stroll to the back of the property can be mistaken for a nature walk. There are so many photo opportunities. Hummingbirds and butterflies are everywhere. Office with a View

We have both Host plants and Nectar plants for butterflies and their caterpillars.  We have  Master Naturalists on staff and Master Gardeners who have a wealth of information available.  We also have the President of the Houston Chapter of the Plumeria Society of America on staff.  Most of the staff just adores all things nature from plants to bugs and butterflies. I have learned that snakes are good and serve a purpose.  I have been known to scream at first glance, but now I usually just smile.  There are so many things to make you smile here at the Nursery.  When a new shipment of plants arrives, we all wander out to see what is new…. and then the smiling.  Come to the Nursery, wander around in the plants, take some deep breaths and smile! Remember, bee happy!