Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria)

The Facts:
What: Norfolk Island Pines
Who: Captain James Cook was the first European to discover the pines.
Where: The Norfolk Islands in the Pacific Ocean between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia.
When: In 1774 on Cook’s second voyage to the South Pacific.
Why: Because he couldn’t help but see all of the pine-rows .  There are also about 13 closley related and similar appearing species.
Things you need to know:
1. Sometimes called star pine, triangle tree or living Christmas tree
2. It is not a true pine tree
3. Grows well in deep sand, tolerant of salt and wind.  Ideal for coastal areas when planted outside.  Avoid extreme temperatures.
4. Needs bright light -but not as good in full sun when young.
5. Not cold hardy, 28 degrees can kill it.
6. Keep potting soil mix slightly moist but never soggy
7. Misting the tree with cool water aiding the plant to absorb moisture to help prevent brown tip and needle dropping when grown as a house plant.
8. When your Norfolk Island Pine is used as a Christmas tree, please remember to remove the decorations ASAP
9.  When planted in the ground it can grow to over 30 ft.