NATIVE – Gaillardia


Firewheel or Indian blanket is a popular annual growing 1-2 ft. tall. The hairy stem is      usually much-branched and becomes woody at the base late in the season. Branched stems,  mostly leafy near the base, have showy flower heads with rays red at base, tipped with  yellow,each with 3 teeth at broad end. The well-known flower heads are 1-2 in. across with a  red center and a yellow outer band. Occasionally the three-cleft rays are solid orange or  yellow. The Gaillardia is one of the easiest wildflowers to establish. Although Indian blanket  will grow in a variety of soil types, for best results, choose an open to lightly shaded site  having loose, well-drained soil. This Wild Flower frequently exhibits blanket-like density,  which combines with the blending of bright reds and yellows to form a striking tapestry of  color. The disk flowers in the center are brownish red. These wildflowers stand like hundreds  of showy Fourth of July pinwheels at the top.


Type: Annual

Blooming Season: May , Jun , Jul , Aug

Color: Red , Yellow , Brown

Garden habitat:  Sandy or calcareous soils, often disturbed places, mostly in grasslands or open places.

Exposure:  Sun , Part Shade

Attracts: Butterflies

Use Medicinal: Tea of root for gastroenteritis, chewed powdered root applied to skin disorders. Sore nipples of nursing mothers bathed in tea made from the plant, also used for sore eyes.