MycoStim Beneficial Mycorrhizae Fungus for Plants

mycostimMycorrhizae fungi colonize plant roots and provide a number of benefits to the plant:

  • Enhanced growth & nutrient uptake
  • Resistance to transplant shock
  • Vigorous plants
  • Stress resistance
  • Improved plant quality, yields, and vigor
  • Reduce loss and decline due to poor soil conditions
  • Increases total effective root area of a plant by multiplying and growing like millions of tiny root extensions

MycoStim is a blend of eight super-strains of mycorrhizae that can be used in all types of growing conditions from outdoor flower beds, crops, lawns, to indoor hydroponic systems.And, it is not just fungal spores, it is also a blend of amino acids, vitamins, sea kelp, humic and fulvic acids; all in a pharmaceutical grade cottonseed powder.

MycoStim can be applied in several ways:

  • Dust the roots prior to planting
  • Sprinkle into the hole prior to planting
  • Coat seeds to aid in germination
  • Mix with water to make a slurry and use it as a drench or root injection

Directions for use:

Flower Beds:  Mix 1 cup/gal. of water and apply evenly over 25 sq. ft. with sprinkler can

Vegetables:  Mix 1 cup/gal/ of water and apply evenly over 25 ft. of seed row.

Seed treatment:  Mix with seed and shake or stir thoroughly to coat seed

Transplants:  Dust onto root ball and into the planting hole

Established Plants:  Mix 1 cup/gal. of water.  Punch holes in the root zone and pour MycoStim into the holes.

Ingredients: by weight

Beneficial rhizosphere microbes — 8.5%

Humic acid (dreived from Leonardite — 8%

Sea Kelp Extract (derived from ascophylum nodosum) — 7%

Cotton Seed Meal — 76%