Montezuma Cypress

Montezuma Cypress and weeping Montezuma Cypress Trees … a very gracious brilliant green slender-leaved tree that can grow to 40′ wide and to 40′ tall in our area. This makes it a great lawn or street ornamental tree for Texas. Mostly evergreen the Montezuma Cypress tree is disease and fungal free and drought tolerant.

Pretty green cones grow on the branches in spring and turn to seed in fall. The Montezuma does not grow knees from the roots like its sister tree, the Bald cypress. Montezuma trees were used in pre-columbian times and also in Japanese gardens. The spectacular Montezuma Cypress over 2000 years old in Tule, Oaxaca Mexico is over 160 ‘ tall, 164’ wide and still growing! This shows the great tolerance of the long lasting beautiful tree.


Type: Evergreen

Exposure: Best full sun

Blooms: Spring cones

Highlights: Disease & fungal-free and drought-tolerant