Cold ice tea with mint is a favorite during our squelching, hot summers. What we generally refer to as mints are in the Mentha genus or group of plants, and are some of the most delicious. They are almost always perennials, with very few exceptions.  Depending on the variety they generally like sun, but do well in part sun with afternoon shade. They do not like to dry out, and so are definitely not drought tolerant.  The flowers of mint bloom on slender spikes in shades of white, purple, or pink.  Given the right conditions some mints will take over a good section of a garden, while a variety like Corsican mint is more difficult to grow.

Here at the nursery we strive to keep as many varieties in stock as possible, but they are not always available.  Please call ahead to see if your favorite mint is in.

Mint can be invasive, so grow it in a container to prevent take over.  Add to flowerboxes or hanging baskets for fragrance and beauty. Use mint to make teas & candies, or with lamb, salads, peas and other veggies.

Peppermint and spearmint are always in demand, but there are some varieties with names giving us an idea of what they taste like:

 Chocolate mint

Apple mint

Orange mint

Pineapple mint


A variety NOT recommended for use in foods is Pennyroyal, which has long been used in herbal medicines, and can have detrimental side effects if taken incorrectly.