Miniature Gardening

A miniature garden is a “real” small garden for your home.  This garden can be planted and completed in a day or it can become a hobby taking months to complete.  Change your garden out seasonally or just on a whim.  As with any “real” garden there is always tending to do.

Picking your container:

Any container can be used for fairy gardening,  a regular standard pot  or a  broken pot or even a red wagon. Whatever you pick remember to check the container for drainage holes.  After picking your container think about what scene you would like to create: A secret garden with paths and birds, a park setting, a vegetable garden with rows and tools, a southwest scene with succulents, a quaint sitting area, a wooded forest, a beach party, a tropical oasis. Whatever you decide we have most of what you need at the Nursery.

Pick Your Plants:

The fern and foliage plants provided in our class need moist soil. The succulents prefer a dryer soil. Pick plants that have similar water needs, with different colors, textures, and growing habits. Don’t crowd your plants. Allow for some room to grow and for fences, patios, paths, stairways and fairies or anything else that makes you happy. Level the area to be used for pathways and patios before you lay the pebbles, as you would with any real garden. When plants get the right size you can pinch them back to keep them the right size. If a plant takes over the container, remove it and replace it with something else.


Baccto is a well draining,  light soil for your plants and/or succulents. Your soil does not have to be level across your container. Make, hills, valleys, streams, rivers, or a beach to add  interest to your fairy garden.


Water your plants as needed. Use your finger to check for dampness. Sometimes the soil may feel damp when it is just cold. Water your garden with a watering can, or a spray bottle.  Water slowly so that you don’t disturb your design. For Succulents only water occasionally, allowing  the soil to completely dry out.


Your planted fairy garden will thrive in filtered light, bright light and even fluorescent light.


While placing items in your garden decide how the garden will be viewed, from all sides or from the front. Move your items around until  you like the arrangement. Once you have a design in mind go ahead and plant. You will find that your design will develop as you you go.


Remember,  it’s the little details you add to your fairy garden that makes it interesting and fun. Adding paths, gates, stepping stones, benches, etc. are just the items that bring your miniature garden to life. As you decorate your garden with these items, press them in and secure them.  This prevents them from moving when you water. Covering the soil completely with sand, rock, mulch, pebbles, will not only add interest but will also keep the soil from splashing up on on your design when you water.