Ming Fern

Asparagus retrofractus (Ming Fern)

Life: Perennial
Size: 6′


Light: Filtered Sun or Shade


Water: Moist but Well Drained, Drought Tollerant Once Established
Soil: Any


Related to the vegetable asparagus, these are members of the lily family and are not ferns at all. Though most known for their use as a green filler in floral arrangements, they are also good in pots or beds on their own. If in a container, they may not reach their full size but will still do well. Among the prettiest asparagus ferns, it has erect silvery stems with fluffy tufts of tiny leaves. Though they can become accustomed to full sun, they prefer a bit of shade to prevent burning. If burning does occur, simply trim the damaged foliage off and maintain a moist, but not soggy, soil. Though the foliage may wilt after a long period without water, the rootstock will normally bounce back. Their roots contain nodules that store water and make them resistant to long periods without a drink.