May Flowers

 by Kim Nichols Messer
          May is one of my favorite months.  So many things are blooming this time of the year.  Many of the plants and flowers in my yard have been gifts from friends and family.  Each time one of these lovely gifts blooms, I think of the person who gave me the plant.  There is always a fond smile and a memory to embrace with each new bloom.  You should give the gift of plant in May.  A blooming or fruiting tree or plant will make for lots of future happiness.
          I have two really large Purple Crinum Lilies which came from my mom’s yard.  She was gifted them by her great aunt.  Aside from having beautiful leaves emerging from a large bulbed base, the bloom stalk is quite spectacular.  The stalk will rise from the base to 2 or 3 feet tall.  Twelve or more Crinum flowers will open out of the stalk.  It will bloom several times during the growing season.  I  have a Mock Orange which also came from my mom’s yard.  It always blooms for Mother’s Day, which I find delightful.  If you give a mother or daughter the gift of plant, they will think of you often.
         For Mother’s Day this year, consider giving a flowering plant or shrub which will make great future memories.  Sharing a love of plants and gardening with others will benefit both parties.  When our citrus trees begin to flower and fruit, we give the gift of Mexican Limes and Satsumas.  Jalapeño peppers go to pepper lovers and tomatoes are savored and shared.  Fragrant Gardenia flowers can welcome your guests as they arrive at your front door and then be shared as a parting gift. Plants will continue to give and fragrant memories will make you smile.  Share a smile!