Marjoram or sweet marjoram is definitely a plant that should be in everyone’s herb garden. It is a hardy perennial in most average winters here and even more importantly can survive our brutal summers if it is protected from the sun in the afternoon. Marjoram likes well-drained soil, partial sun, and of course organic fertilizer. It is in the mint family and sometimes confused with oregano. Also, it is in the herb combination “herbes de provence”. Ninety percent of the world’s supply of marjoram comes from Egypt. It can be grown from seed, by cuttings, and by root division.


Type: Perennial

Season: Can grow here spring, summer, fall and winter.

Color: Dark green foliage with whitish lavender flowers

Exposure: Morning sun and afternoon shade is ideal

Care: Well-drained soil that’s allowed to dry some between watering; organic fertilizer