Live Oak

When thinking of the South the first image I think of is the majestic live oak.  This tree is native to Texas. It reaches heights of 40-80’tall with a spread of up to 100’, now that is a Texas tree.  The live oak does lose its leaves but not in the fall, in spring the live oak sheds its old leaves just ahead of the new growth.  An established live oak can stand up to drought, salt spray and deer.  You can’t beat a Live oak for shade; it just needs room to grow.  Live oaks are moderate growers that have a long life span. 

When planted in a raised bed with full sun the live oak should thrive.


Live Oak, Southern Live Oak, Quercus virginiana



Plant Profile:

Full sun

Blooms in spring

Leaves are waxy dark green

Fruit acorns


80-100’ spread