Let’s Talk About August

By: Pat Cordray

Goodness gracious, it’s hot!!! Welcome to August.  Let me get inside for a taste of my iced tea and the cool air of the AC.  This is the month that I would love to garden inside but if I want a fall garden I gotta get out there and get my garden ready.

Looking for  plants that will look great from the window all summer long?   The plants listed below will look fabulous in full sun, planted in a raised bed or containers.

Cape Plumbago – Blue flowers spring to frost, grows 3-4’tall and 5’wide, loves full sun but can handle a little less, Butterflies love it!

Firecracker Fern – Tubular scarlet Flowers blooms spring to frost, grows 3-5’tall and 6-12’ wide, this one is a weeper, loves full sun, butterflies and hummingbirds love it!

Pride of Barbados – Orange, red, and yellow flowers in the summer, grows 8-12’tall (this is a tree in warmer climates), loves the full sun and butterflies and hummingbirds love it!

Esperanza – Yellow bell shaped flowers from spring to frost, grows 3-6’ tall and 3-4’ wide, loves the full sun and butterflies and hummingbirds love them!

Rock Rose – Pink Flowers spring to frost, grows to 1.5-4’tall and 3’ wide, loves full sun and is a great hummingbird plant.

Flame Acanthus – Tubular scarlet flowers summer to fall, grows to 3-5’tall and spreading, loves full sun but can take some shade and is a fantastic hummingbird plant, the butterflies don’t mind it either

Vinca – White, pink, red, lavender flowers late spring to frost, grows to 14-18” tall, loves full sun but can take a little less, provides great color for beds or containers.

Penta – White, pink, red lavender flowers spring to frost, loves full sun but can take some shade, several varieties that grow from 6-22” tall, butterflies love them and you will too.

Thryallis – Yellow flowers summer to frost, loves full sun and grows to 3-6’tall and 3-5’wide, this is a happy plant!


Get your hummingbird plants in the ground now! You will want to have plenty of nectar plants blooming for the hummers when they head your way.  Hummingbirds migrate through this area August – October, keep your eyes open and your feeders clean and filled.  I can’t wait to see them zipping around my garden an I know you will love it too.  If you want them to visit your garden, plant them.


For your annuals, August is a time to clean them up and fertilize them.  To get the most blooms and the healthiest plants fertilizer is a must.  Use something organic like MicroLife.  You don’t have to worry about burning anything and the blooms will be outstanding.


We are expecting tomato and pepper plants a couple weeks into this month.  Get your garden and/or containers ready for your plants they will be here before you know it.


While you are out watering your plants check for pests.  If you see any signs of them eating or sucking on your plants take care of it right away.  The sooner you get rid of these pests the less likely they will spread causing problems with your plants in your garden.


Enjoy your garden