Lets Talk About September

HyacinthsBy Pat Cordray

September brings the hope that cooler weather is around the corner. The beginning of fall planting is definitely here with fall vegetable and bedding plants starting to trickle in. As each day passes there will be more choices for a beautiful landscape full of fall, winter and early spring blooming plants and fall and winter vegetables. I know that it isn’t exciting, but September is one of the most essential times for caring for your lawn.


Bulbs! Bulbs! Bulbs! Some of the easiest plants to grow, are plants grown from bulbs. They are almost guaranteed to bloom! Mid month we will receive our tulips, which includes beautiful varieties that will work well here like World’s Favorite, Golden Apeldoorn and a fragrant mix. We will have a nice selection of narcissus with the following varieties, Professor Einstein, Red Devon, Lemon Beauty, Corona Apricot Whirl, Lemon Beauty, Erlicheer, Double Peach Cobbler and Pipit narcissus. Erlicheer and Pipit are naturalizing bulbs. We will also get a beautiful mix of ranunculus and two varieties of Dutch iris, Blue Ribbon and Mauve Queen. I can’t forget the incredible Delft Blue hyacinths will also be on this shipment. The last week of September, we should be getting Ziva paperwhites, Flower Carpet daffodil, Radiata and Aurea lycoris and Monal narcissus. How exciting! Bulbs are a great choice to plant in raised beds under deciduous trees, the flowers will bloom and be done before the trees leaf out and block the sun.  Tulip and hyacinth bulbs will need to be refrigerated for 6-8 weeks before planting.  If you have more questions about bulbs, like where, when and how to plant, we have a class for that. On November 14th, at 10am, here at The Nursery with Margaret Cherry. Hope y’all can make it! Narcissus


Fall bedding plants, you know, some of those wonderful flowers that brighten up our dreary winter, will start being available in September. Don’t fill up your garden with the first plants you see, some plants need a little cooler weather before you should plant them. Dianthus and lobelia can be planted soon but plants like violas, sweet alyssum and pansies need cooler weather before you plant.  Planting these in our blazing sun, will make them sizzle.

You may want to save room for growing flowers from seed in your garden. Mid September through October is the optimal time to plant seeds for bluebonnets, sweet peas, stock, poppies, larkspur, hollyhocks, delphinium and many others. Growing flowers from seeds is very rewarding. I have a couple of tricks that I do before I plant. I soak most of my seeds overnight in tepid water to speed germination and I plant them in worm castings.  I’ve had great success doing this.  These days the seed packets are packed with information about how to plant, when to plant etc. and this makes growing from seed a breeze.

Now, what about that lawn? For a great lawn, fall is where it’s at.  It’s time to put down a few products to take care of that grass for the fall, winter and into the spring. I love the organic products; I don’t want to worry about my dog or my granddaughter playing in my lawn. I use MicroLife 6-2-4 for my lawn or Humates Plus and leaf mold compost. The Microlife and Humates Plus will do a fantastic job of improving your soil.  Your grass can get what it needs directly from the soil, what a concept! Leaf mold compost is a great way to take care of or prevent fungal issues in the lawn, plus so much more.

Fall gardening is a true pleasure!